Friends of Dougie

Timbi Talks about Addiction is a 28 page superbly illustrated picture book designed to help children cope with a parent’s substance use disorder (SUD). Through Timbi, children learn that: addiction is a disease, it is not their fault, their varied emotions are valid. Timbi teaches them coping skills that they can use whether they are alone, or with a trusted adult to give them a much-needed sense of control in a chronically stressful environment. Timbi has been nationally recognized as an ideal resource to help families, teachers, counselors, physicians, judges, foster parents, and advocates in the fight against the long-term damaging impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Friends of Dougie


The Siegel’s Missed the Signs
David and Jackie Siegel lost their daughter Victoria to an unintentional drug overdose in 2015.

Since that time, they have devoted their resources and efforts into saving as many lives as possible so that no parent has to suffer the tragic loss of their child. They just didn’t know how to notice and interpret certain signals that Victoria was giving them. Don’t YOU miss the signs!

VITAL SIGNS is an 8-part video series that provides insights and information and life-saving solutions for parents trying to understand the world in which their teen lives in today.

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